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Down to The Wire: Red Sox Ousted by Jays

By: Ira H. Perkins IV

  • The Final:

Well Sox fans there really isn't much there in tonight's match-up with the Jays to hang your heads about. Always the optimist; "The Curse" has been busted up and brushed away for years now. The box score showed a single run deficit at the end and there are things that worked well for the club and others that need fine tuning. Lets discuss.

  • Pitching:

  • What's Hot: Clay started tonight after the Red Sox had two days of the regular season off. The point? He threw quality innings and Lackey was pushed back. Five innings of scoreless ball for Clay working himself out of jams a few times in those innings. The bullpen worked a number of pitchers into the game that recorded key outs.

  • What's Not: Bases on balls were an issue. The cold weather made it a challenge to work secondary pitches for strike outs in pitchers counts. Of the bullpen performances Jenks lacked all command of the strike zone which is uncharacteristic and unfortunate in regard to it costing the club four key runs. If you scratch that inning from the score card we win but you cannot.

  • Offense:

  • What's Hot: The third inning quickly became electric when Pedroia hit a long ball, Gonzalez drew a walk and Youkilis went yard, in that order. The pseudo-rally in the eighth gave hope for all by making it a winnable game going into the ninth. Sparked by back to back walks by Youkilis and Ortiz and taken up a notch by a solid pinch hit single by Lowery. Scutaro would double that next at bat proving good things do come in bunches.

  • What's Not: Hit less innings in the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings was most bothersome. The tale of this season's tape; LOB or left on base which tonight totaled a half dozen. This will stop when the bats start to work in succession. The clincher was the one, two, three hitters going down in row starting the ninth while trailing by a single run.

  • Defense:

  • What's Hot: Most of the position players and consistently at that. Ellsbury's ability to run down everything that funnels towards that deep center field.

  • What's Not: Scutaro's tendency to be out of position on singles hit to the left portion of the infield and yes I understand he is usually trying to get lead runners at second in those instances. My point... play the ball, record the out and move on. Crawford seems to be struggling playing balls off "The Monster" and that is leading to extra bags every time Ellsbury is not there to back him up.

  • Fenway Park:

  • What's Hot: "The Faithfuls" out in droves late into the evening on a game that looked out of reach until the eighth inning

  • What's Not: The seasonably cold weather effecting, in my opinion, the quality of ball games.

  • Here's the bottom line from where I'm standing... two wins or ten wins we are only a few short series into a long season and we have the tools to put a winning season in place and be in the hunt for October. Last I checked we only lost ground the Rays tonight as well with all other AL East teams dropping games too.


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