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Discouraging Losses For The Red Sox

By: Ira H. Perkins IV

  • CRAWFORD AND GONZALEZ: Pressure is pushing down as the Red Sox drop the first four games of the 2011 season. Unlikely, given the buzz created in the off-season by the offensively potent acquisitions of Crawford and Gonzalez. To talk down about them at this point would be jumping the gun but to be entirely disappointed by their inability to make some kind of noise within these four played seems fair. For the sake of the club and the fans that surround them I sincerely hope these two can get something started for their Red Sox careers soon. There are two more games to be played against "The Tribe" and then it's time to "Ship up to Boston" for the season's home-opener against the hated and fierce New York Yankees who are playing ball early. Of course, even if they remain quiet until the home stand and are able to produce and maybe even come to a boil it could be good things going forward. I certainly will not count that out at this juncture for the fact that Crawford and Gonzalez are big game players and once the stage is set for a battle in Boston against New York they might "remember" why they make the big bucks. I admit to my frustration about these guys early but they are high among big league players and yes, that sometimes is coupled with unrealistic expectations. They have a huge opportunity though that should play to their hands. They are in and among a laundry list of all-stars!

  • SCRATCH MY BACK AND I'LL SCRATCH YOURS: Quality pitching and run manufacturing would always feed the other in a perfect world. It doesn't always work that way. Pitching hasn't been terrible. The starters have been shaky but the bullpen has been extraordinary with the exception of Bard's outing in the first game against the Rangers. I've been keeping book this season and I've been marking down a good deal of hit less innings. At this point I believe that even if more batters were reaching the hitting is so poor that the number of batters left on base would make most ill. Bats do come around but sometimes the bats are just there and right now they aren't. One thing that might surge towards breaking out of this slump would be better "early on" starts. That's a hard statement not to falter from but I think a few more early scoreless innings might give the batters an Arie of confidence.

  • SHOUT OUTS: We're losing games but in every loss a team takes... there are some achievements made on the field! Here is a list of my favorites...

  1. Ellsbury's first stolen base of the season

  2. Pedroia's exceptional come back from injury (defensively and offensively)

  3. Ortiz's first homer of the season

  4. The bullpen production of Bard, Albers and Jenks

  5. Youkilis's ability to work the count and get on base

  6. Drew using the entire ball park for extra bases

  7. "Salty's" first hit producing an RBI


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