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Injury Cannot Slow The Sox

By: Ira H. Perkins IV

My prediction for the month of June held up, that was a good thing. If you haven't read my posts shame on you but what I have said in old posts is that the Sox were in a good position to gain momentum. Now just a short way after the mid-way point of the 2010 season we stand in second position of the division alone with a winning record of 49-32 numbers indentical to that of the last three seasons. The only difference is that the Sox led the division at this point during those years. Even still second isn't a bad vantage point ecspecially when you are only a sinlge game out of first. The Yankees currently hold that position. Although I couldn't be anymore happy with the outcome of my affirmentioned prediction one thing I never could have forecasted is the ammount of injury that June would harbor. Seriously, who really could have done that?

Injury certainly has been rampant yet not plaguing. Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Cameron, Dustin Pedroia, Victor Martinez, Dice-K Matsusaka, Josh Beckett, Clay Buckholz are all victims of injury in or around the month of June. One thing I would be happy to note but disappointed to except about the injury that we've seen so far this season no matter how minor they may have been there continues to be rehabilitation set backs. Pedroia, Varitek and Ellsbury are all battling broken bones and only time and maybe surgeries can be a good indicator of when these ballplayers can play again. On a positive note the minor league call-ups Tito has exercised have made imprints on this season and our quest to sit a top of the division as our high impact players slowly trickle back onto the field.

To make a point Daniel Nava has been paramount and looks like he should be asked to stick around with what he's shown he can do including a grand slam and a walk-off base hit just to name some big ones. Tito himself has been noted on Nava's ability to hit at the big league level. To some extent even guys like Bill Hall and Darnell Mcdonald along with others have stepped in and have done so admirably. They have maintained a level of professionalism that has helped David Ortiz, Adrian Beltre, J.D. Drew and Kevin Youkilis stay focused on their game and really and I mean really produce. Something else with this current Sox roster that cannot be denied is exceptional pitching from the starting rotation and the bullpen.

Tim Wakefield has been put in the bullpen and reactivated as a starter showing that the grizzled veteran is the total team player and has his big league stuff working to his advantage. Jon Lester has been nothing less than brilliant through most of the first half of the season. To make sure everyone gets credit the bullpen has been one of the best I have ever seen put together by the Sox organization with strong outings coming from Manny Delcarmen, Daniel Bard, Ramon Ramirez, and Hideki Okajima. I also firmly believe that we have the most capable closer in the game in Johnathan Papelbon on any given night.

Taking into account of what I've stated above I have to continue by saying that if ever there is a big league club that can invent ways to win it solely belongs to the Sox with how they develop, maintain and exercise use of their minor league system. So nice work guys all the way around, you make a Sox fan pleased day in and day out. If I could have one wish it's that these players get the right amount of rest during the All-Star break and we see some guys come back with the same mentality that has helped them out to this point.

I'd be remiss if I didn't congratulate the six guys representing the Sox in the All-Star Game. Way to go Adrian Beltre, Mike Cameron, David Ortiz, Victor Martinez and Clay Buckholz and Jon Lester for their first All-Star bid. Finally, I will be overjoyed if Kevin Youkilis gets that late bid. The All-Star break is a time to forget about division rivalry, games out of first and stats. It's a time to celebrate baseball as an All-American game and unit under MLB.

Happy Independence Day to all...


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