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Caveat Emptor...

May 12, 2010

by James Wheeler

I was wrong. My first two posts were full of foolish unjustified optimism. It was a new year and baseball was back. The Red Sox were going to win because that’s what Red Sox teams have done since Francona took over in 2004. I realize now that I was blinded by the Yawkey Way propaganda machine and its emphasis on pitching and defense. It’s apparent after watching the Red Sox participate in a 13-12 game with Toronto, get swept by the Orioles, and demolished by the Yankees over this last weekend, that it was all Epstein spin. For a team whose strength was going to be pitching and defense, they find themselves in such elite run prevention company as the Diamondbacks, Pirates and Angels, having allowed 188 runs. The one thing the Red Sox haven’t had to worry about is scoring run. Only the Rays, Yankees and Brewers have scored more runs than the Red Sox in 2010. Unfortunately, as I stated in an early post, it only takes one run and they’ve allowed 8 more than they’ve scored and have fourth place and 4.5 games back to show for it.

Is all lost? The rationale (or maybe irrational) part of me is screaming that it isn’t. We’ve won a lot more this month then we’ve lost and as sloppy as this team has played it things could be a lot worse than 4.5 games back. My fear is that there are too many issues that need to be worked out to do anything this season and every game played means we’re one game closer to October. Even if they do work things out and battle their way into the wild card, is this team going to do anything in the playoffs?

Fortunately, while the Red Sox attempt to straighten the ship, I have relevant Celtics and Bruins teams to watch. Plus living in Portland, I’m able to get my baseball fix from the Sea Dogs, watching kids playing with far more emotion than J.D. Drew has ever played with.

Here’s to the Red Sox figuring it out, because if they don’t it’s going to be a long summer.


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