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Winning Ugly is still Winning

by Chris Allen.

Since being swept and completely demolished by the Tampa Bay Rays on Patriots Day weekend, the Red Sox have been playing better. Well, not really, but at least they have been winning, going 5-2 since the Rays left town. Yes, they have been playing teams that are struggling. Yes, their starting pitching has been junk. There is no doubt that the Sox are still a flawed team but a win is a win and they need to rack up as many as they can after getting off to such a putrid start. I have heard many fans shrug these wins off to the side because they are not wins against the Yanks or Rays. I love seeing the Sox beat these teams as well but the fact is all the wins count. The Sox were playing so miserably and I am glad to see the bats starting to come alive. The bats better start coming alive because the starting pitching has been horrendous.  I realize Beckett and Lester are slow starters but sheesh! Look at these ERAs:
Beckett - 7.22
Lester - 6.23
Wakefield - 5.40
Lackey - 5.09
Buchholz - 2.70
Way to go Buchholz! Is it a coincidence that after I wrote in an earlier entry that Clay needed to be in the bullpen he has the lowest ERA of the starting five?
It is not just the starters. There have been at least one or two well pitched games that the bullpen has blown. And by bullpen I mean either Okajima or Ramon Ramirez both having terrible seasons. Bard and Papelbon have been solid but they will be worn out by the All Star break at their current pace. Luckily the bats have been scoring enough runs to win lately but eventually the pitching is going to have to step it up and hopefully carry the team. So for now we'll have to put up with these 13-12 games. As long as we win them I won't complain.

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe those ERA's, they are like a cruel joke just staring you back in the face. The Red Sox will get better, the starting pitching will come around (at least that is what I tell myself before I have a meltdown).