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Wakefield still on the up and up

by Chris Allen

The Sox opened their season by losing two to the Yanks in what was an intense series. It seems that the rivalry has been reinvigorated with the Yanks being the current world champs. Next up for the Red Sox are the Royals with Tim Wakefield to make his season debut this Friday. He sits eighteen wins away from surpassing  former teammates Roger Clemens and Cy Young for all-time Red Sox leader. No, Wakefield did not really play with Cy Young but it seems like he's been with the team for that long. How sweet would it be to have a knuckleballer as all time win leader? The notion really appeals to me especially if it means knocking Clemens down a notch. Whether or not Wakefield is able to win eighteen games in the next two years remains to be seen. He needs to stay healthy and not break down as he has the last couple of seasons for one thing. There is also the possibility that there is no room in the rotation for him with Lester, Beckett and Lackey shoe-ins for the next five years and Matsuzaka and Clay Buchholz above him on the depth chart. Would Wakefield even be getting the start if Matsuzaka were not on the DL? If he ends up in the bullpen it will be difficult to surpass Clemens and Young but he has always been a team player and would most likely do what the Sox think would give them the best chance to win.
Other categories that Wakefield ranks high on the Red Sox all-time list:
Second in Games with 525
First with 388 Games Started
Third with 2711.1 Innings Pitched
Second with 1869 Strikeouts
First in Hits Allowed with 2615
First in Runs Allowed with 1480
First in Earned Runs Allowed with 1309
First in HR Allowed the 357
First in Hits Batsmen with 163 which is 77 more than Clemens in second place.

It will be interesting to watch Tim Wakefield's progress this year as he tries to become the Red Sox all-time win leader. The team winning is the most important thing of course but when Wakefield is pitching the chances for a win are pretty darn good.

1 comment:

  1. It is just amazing the success that Wakefield has had with the knuckle ball, how he can be so consistent with that pitch which is an art over a science is beyond me.