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Ump Calling the Kettle Black

Before diving into my thoughts on the opening weekend, I'd like to dive into the comments made by Crew Chief Joe West shortly after the season opening game on Sunday. West was quoted saying that the Sox and Yankees pace during Sunday's game was a "disgrace to baseball." Although I agree that four hours is way too long for a game West did not help his own case.

The Sox and Yankees are both teams that like to take pitches and work counts. Joe West had his strike zone so small that the batting practice coach probably would have worked the count full. West's refusal to call any corner strikes for either team had a lot to do with the length of the game on Sunday. Neither pitcher was on their game Sunday night however, neither was the crew of umpires. If the Umpires would call the strike zone as it is meant to be, (knees to letters, and width of plate) maybe when both Aces are on the mound the game might speed up. So Mr. West before you complain too much maybe you should take a look in the mirror.

The first three games are in the book and I sit here with mixed thoughts about how those games went. While I am not terribly worried about the pitching for this team, for obvious reasons, I was incredibly disappointed with the first two games. After looking sharp after one inning on Sunday Beckett struggled and couldn't get through the 5th inning. Part of this short outing was the absolutely tiny strike zone provided by Joe West, better days are ahead now that Beckett is locked up for 4 more seasons. At times Lester looked un-hittable during game #2 but lost the strike zone after a few innings, this happened early last season too Lester will be fine. Six strong from Lackey was exciting to watch, if only the offense was there.

The only bad news other than Andy Pettitte, who has done that to the Sox many times before, was David Ortiz and J.D. Drew. Notice both worries are the same worries that are discussed every year. Boston fans don't jump off the bridge just yet the Red Sox faced two very good left handed pitchers in the first three games. Ortiz hit a couple of line drives into the defensive shift so don't count him out just yet. Drew was my most disappointing player during the first series 2 for 12 and he was swinging at some very bad pitches and most of the bad swings that I saw were against Burnett the only right handed starter he faced.

It’s early in the season and the offense looked solid, at least in the first too games. It’s good to be done with the Yankees for a month so the Sox can move on with the normalcy of the season, and the rest of us can just finally just enjoy Americas favorite pass time.

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  1. This whole ump commenting thing is nuts, I don't think we should be hearing the umps thoughts. The umps should just do their job, I respect them and all but come on. If umps want to speak after they are finished with their career that would be great but not during it, I never had thought of this but it would be kind of cool to have a former ump as a member of ESPN's staff.