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2 Days to Showtime

April 2nd, 2010
By Mark Blais

Two days to go, it's time for one last roundup then away we go. Last week I did run down predictions on the Red Sox lineup, this week I will briefly touch on the pitching staff. This should be the the area of little to no concern for the Sox this year, with arguably three # 1 starters. The Sox should match up, and be able to contend with any team in baseball.

Josh Beckett - Beckett is sometimes hard to predict as he struggled out of the gate last season and struggled all season with the home run ball. This spring it was said that Beckett was working on keeping the ball down to produce more ground balls. If this is true with the Defense behind him now we could witness a Cy young type season. I personally predict an ERA under 4 with 18 wins from Beckett with the possibilty of a high loss total 9 or 10 simply because although the Sox will win a lot of 1 runs games it works the other way too.

Jon Lester - At 26 Years old he has a career ERA of 3.66 with 487 Strike outs 225 last season. A strong start for Lester this season and Lester wins 20 for the first time solidifying him as a legitmate Ace.

John Lackey - Red Sox big addition will fit in nicely at the #3 spot in the rotation. Lackey had a very good spring and if he remains healthy, which is a key for anyone, I expect an ERA around 4 for Lackey with 15-16 wins.

Tim Wakefield - You never know what to get from the Knuckle Ball but Wakefield continues his consistancy through the first half of the season. If he plays the full first half he wins 8 and loses 5, ERA just around 4.50. If he stays healthy he will be fighting for innings (if everyone else stays healthy) with Diasuke.

Clay Buchholz - Its been a rough spring for Clay. It started to come together at the end so we'll cross our fingers. He went 7-4 with a 4.11 to end last season. In his first full season Clay wins 14 and loses 7 with an ERA of 4.10. This will be Clay's chance to prove himself as a fontline starter if he can expect good things from this years Sox.

Daisuke Matsuzaka - Daisuke is right now the 6th man in the rotation but these things always seem to work themselves out. The Sox finally let Daisuke do his own thing this spring...And he is right back on the DL. If Daisuke can even come close to his 18 win season 2 years ago maybe he starts to bring some Return on Investment if not he becomes an epic waste of money.

I won't go into to much detail with the Bullpen lets just say I expect more of the same from last season. The Sox have a very solid pen and they shouldn't have to work as hard with the rotation that the Sox are featuring.

On a separate note I'd like to put my predictions for the rest of the league as i see it. I've already looked at the AL East so check out last weeks post for that.

AL Central
White Sox

AL West

NL East

NL Central

NL West


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