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To Worry or Not, The offense will be fine

By: Mark Blais

The 2010 Red Sox have already had a lot of criticism and not one pitch has been thrown. Every where you look or listen someone is criticizing Theo and the Sox front office for how this team has been put together for the upcoming season. I am not one of those people, I believe that Theo and his team looked at what was available and at what price it was available for. This is where the critics have failed at their arguments, what was available? There was no 40 HR 100 RBI man available. The early rumors for Adrian Gonzalez were false, and would have cost us everything. The Cardinals gave Holliday 7 years which is absurd, and Bay recieved 4 years for a guy who hit .267, struck out a career high 162 times and had a slump as bad as Ortiz's in the middle of the season, dropping him from at the time an over .300 average to around .240 and his defense is rated at the bottom of the league for Left fielders. regardless of the reasoning the Mets overpaid.

For all these reasons Theo and co. decided the best way to build this team for 2010 was to improve run prevention and defense instead. But here are some numbers that people aren't talking about.

Last season the Sox starting 9 averaged as a team .269 BA .355 OBP .462 SLG They totaled 183 HR and 707 RBI.

The Projected Starting 9 for this season averaged last season .280 BA .362 OBP .457 SLG They totaled 169 HR and 675 RBI

Those numbers are pretty close and last season the sox were one of the worst Defensive clubs in baseball. So give them the same offense with better pitching, ie. no Penny or Smoltz or an injured Daisuke, and better defense with Gold Gloves at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, and CF. And move Ellsbury with his week arm but great range to LF at Fenway. The Sox aren't going to give up any cheap runs this year.

For all those reason I don't think Sox fans should be all that worried at the start of this season. Does this mean I think they will win the east, I don't know yet but I prefer to wait at least until spring training starts to get a look at things, but they should still be fun to watch.


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