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One Bloggers Predictions

By Mark Blais

The time for prospect watching is over; the time to discuss the off season is done. The countdown is at 9 days, and the only thing left of spring is to stay healthy and fill out those few remaining roster spots. At this time next week all eyes will be preparing for Red Sox v. Yankees at 8pm on Easter Sunday. What were they thinking? Instead of watching one of the greatest rivalries in sports in mid season form, the Sox and Yankees will be working out the kinks. In spite of that baseball will be back.

Since the start of spring training we have listened to opinions and read the numbers wondering what 2010 will bring. We have believed a prospectus that predicts the Yankees will finish 3rd, yet the Sox will not have a legitimate power threat. The same prospectus predicts little offense from the Red Sox yet has them in 1st in the east. In one breath we say defense wins championships; with the next we ask what kind of offense is this? It will be a difficult year to predict, yet we try anyway so here are my predictions through the Sox lineup.

Jacoby Ellsbury - Ellsbury will continue to progress especially now playing Left field. His OBP continues to get better and I see no reason that will change .370. I expect a slight drop in AVG .270 mainly because he is taking more pitches working the count better. With better guys in the 8-9 holes Ellsbury has a chance to take his game to the next level.

Dustin Pedroia - Pedroia is Pedroia and climbs back over .300 AVG with Scutaro batting 9th and more base runners on in front of Pedroia he will grab a solid 80 RBI. In this instance I agree with the Prospectus and think Pedroia will hit around 15 HR bouncing back from 8 last year.

Victor Martinez - With the guys he has in front of him Victor will have many opportunities to drive in runs, many more than the past few years with the Indians. Add that to the idea of playing 81 games at Fenway, I expect good things from Martinez. Give Victor 25 HR and 100 RBI, welcome to Fenway Park.

Kevin Youkilis - With the consistency of playing 1st all season Youk finally reaches the 30 HR mark, driving in 110 RBI from the # 4 spot in the lineup. He has one of the best eyes in baseball and he hates to lose.

David Ortiz - Ortiz will bounce back fine. He led the league in HR after the all star break in 2009 with a fresh start 100 % healthy Ortiz will surprise everyone and go for 35 HR 115 RBI the only question I have is will drive in the clutch runs we are used to seeing, and for that we will have to wait and see.

Adrian Beltre - Beltre is the true variable, it is very hard to predict what he will do. What we do know is that he probably won’t hit 48 HR but he will probably hit more than the 8 he hit last season. If Beltre can hit close to 20 HR and 75 RBI it will be money well spent. I think batting 6th or 7th he should get some good pitches to hit especially if Ortiz can produce.

JD Drew - What is there to say about Drew he is consistently boring to watch. I like Drew batting 7th for this team because he can keep on being boring as long as he gets on base. Expect more of the same from Drew .280 AVG, .400 OBP 20 HR 70 RBI with solid defense.

Mike Cameron - If Cameron is looked at as the replacement to Jason Bay he will be a disappointment. If he is viewed as a Gold Glove Center fielder who over his career has consistently hit .250 with 25 HR with 75 RBI he will be a success. Expect the same consistency from Cameron and remember this is our # 8 hitter.

Marco Scutaro - If anyone thinks this is not an upgrade from 4 Short Stops who combined for a .238 AVG with 15 HR and 40 RBI (Not actual numbers) please speak up. Will Scutaro repeat his performance from last season? I will say that he won’t, but .260 with 10-15 HR and 60-70 RBI from the #9 spot in the lineup. I will take that over any of the Short Stops back to Renteria in 2005. The only question here will Scutaro be better than Alex Gonzalez, we will talk about that midway through the year.

As far as my picks for the AL East well here we go, and I apologize in advance Sox fans I have to be a little realistic.

Yankees – I’m guessing around 1-2 games better than the Sox too much offense
Red Sox – I’m guessing more of the same here 95-97 wins
Rays – Can’t compete with the big boys
Orioles – Strong offensive improvement, young pitching minus Millwood
Blue Jays – No Halladay…enough said.


  1. I agree with your assesment. The differnce will have to be the sox starting rotation. Good pitching takes care of good hitting.

  2. Can't agree more, I will take a team with better defense and pitching any day of the week. It doesn't always put more buts in the seats but we don't really have that problem to worry about.