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Nomar’s One Day Deal Leaves A Lifelong Impression

By: Ira H. Perkins IV

Once Nomar Garciaparra left Boston to get fitted for a Cub’s uniform it looked like all we’d have left was the brilliant past he would put behind him or so it seemed.

As of today Wednesday March 3rd 2010 Nomar would razzle or better yet rattle ‘Fenway Faithfuls’ with another miraculous act by signing a single day deal there in the front office of Red Sox operations to retire as a Sox. This kind of thing in professional realms everywhere is often called ‘shock and aww’.

Retirement seemed likely since Nomar has been hit by injury on and off for nearly a decade. This ultimately converted one of the best short stops to play in the bigs to a third baseman, first baseman and designated hitter solely to keep his bat in the line-up.

Even that would act as a band aid for a much bigger wound. It was all to clear that Nomar really felt the crunch of injury and aging with injury. Retiring in Boston was an instant rejuvenating buzz. Retiring in Boston was ultimately a trifecta where everyone would end up a winner.

Nomar and ownership certainly win given their lengthy business tenure and the successes that ensued. To the tireless Red Sox fans who watched the man turned legend command the infield and launch many a ball into the outfield seating at Fenway this is a major piece of the franchise. To everything and everyone that make up the franchise illustrating an integral component of it; loyalty… something with which Sox fans know all too well.

During the recent retirement press conference amid many emotional anecdotes Nomar stated, ‘I always tell people Red Sox Nation is bigger than any other nation.’ With a tip of the hat we say ‘Thank you Nomar’.

Nomar has already agreed to take on a new role concerning the majors. He’ll be trading in his pine tar and batting gloves for a microphone and tie. That’s right Nomar will assume the responsibility of MLB analyst for the leading sports news company ESPN. True to the ways of change big league baseball surrenders a true professional while big league broadcasting gains one. Where many will follow his commentary and eagerly anticipate his inception to Cooperstown.


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