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Life Without the Great Manbino

The Sad State of the Red Sox:
Life Without the Great Manbino
By E.J. Peterson

First of all let me start off by saying that I am a die-hard Red Sox fan, and have been all my life. I am not one of those in-season fans. You know who they are. We all have one of those friends who wears his Red Sox hat only when baseball is in season. I am not that friend. I am one of the fans that have his true colors on year round. My hat is all worn out, the fabric wearing out around the brim and more sweat colored than it is blue. I am a year round fan, a true fan of the sport. This is why I am very sad to have to write this article.
I see my beloved team sinking down an ever expanding hole. It has now become a case of just putting someone in an empty hole, not necessarily the right person. You lose a guy like Manny Ramirez in your outfield and you try to replace him with someone like JD Drew. What an absolute joke that is. Then this year the Sox go and get an old worn out retread like Mike Cameron. This guy seems to spend more time on the DL than good old JD Drew. For the money that JD gets he should produce a heck of a lot more than he is doing. Before he came to the Sox JD had hit twenty home runs once in his career, hit one hundred RBI’s once in his career. And then to top it all off he takes days off because, “Woe is I, my shoulder hurts.” Not one player in the league is one hundred percent after the first day. Tough it out my friend. I see players all the time go out and play hurt. Not Mr. Primadonna. Apparently he is too good for that.
Mr. Drew doesn’t do squat all year. He maybe has one or two good weeks the whole season. Then he maybe hits a grand slam in the playoffs. Now everyone wants to sing his praises. Do these same people not pay attention the entire season? In my humble estimation these people are short sighted and fair weather fans. For the type of money that these players are making, he should be producing a heck of a lot more than one at bat in the playoffs. I understand that a player is considered successful if he fails seven out of ten times. What should we think or JD when he fails roughly eight out of ten times?
I want to state point blank right now that I do not condone cheating in this or any other sport. Anyone caught using steroids or HGH should have everything they have every done wiped off the books like it never existed. But when you have perhaps one of the greatest pure hitters the game has ever seen, and you try and replace him with a retread (Cameron) and a never was (Drew) you have a long way to go before you are back to status quo. What a sad state of affairs that we are in.

1 comment:

  1. Look JD has played in more games than good ol Trot did in the last 3 yrs he was here in Boston. Second we got Bay to replace Manny. Drew was already here. I to am a die hard fan. I like this red sox team. So we don't have that 40 home run hitter we can still win. count up the golden gloves we have. Our defense sucked last year and has to be much better this year. Our pitching is going to be fine.