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It is bad luck to be superstitous

by Chris Allen

I frequently watch the playoffs and other games of importance with my friend Daemian. We have a pretty good record together witnessing the entire comeback against the Yanks in 04 and the subsequent sweep of the Cards. Also there were two Superbowl championships and various games from the Red Sox 07 playoff run. In 2004 during game four when the Sox were down in the game and the serious against New York, there was a point where Daemian threw his Red Sox cap in disgust. It landed on top of a thin little mantel above the fireplace. Since the cap stayed on the mantel without falling he decided to leave it there in hopes it would rally the team that was at the time getting absolutely clobbered in the series. That is where the cap stayed throughout the victorious playoff run.
After scoring one run in two games against the Angels the cap has come back. This time it is perched on a light in the room where we watch baseball. It is near the Rally Dog and Rally Frog, both who have rally caps on. I am also considering listening to the game on the radio instead of watching on television as that has worked many times during this past season.
Will any of this crap really help?
The only good thing the Red Sox have going for them right now is that they are at Fenway and they are a much better team at home. I feel confident that they will get some hits and score some actual runs today. They will have to do this against Scott Kazmir who has a lifetime 8-7 record against the Red Sox. In 130 .1 career innings versus Boston he has struck out 138 batters with a 3.59 ERA. This is not the guy these struggling bats want to be facing right now. He is however the pitcher who the Red Sox rallied back 7 - 0 from last year in the playoffs against Tampa to force a Game Six. I know, I know, it was the Tampa bullpen that blew that game and they eventually lost the series anyway, but it's not a sure thing that Kazmir is going to come into Fenway and dominate. He beat the Sox twice this year, both times when he was still a Ray.
What will we get from Clay Buchholz today? Lester and Beckett were both ok and that was not good enough. Buchholz could pitch great but if the Sox don't get any freaking hits it isn't going to matter.


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