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Random thoughts from a Sox Fan

It’s that time of the year again. When the dog days of summer are upon us and the Red Sox have found a way to make us all worried again by slipping out of first place and seemingly forgetting how to do all the essentials that involve winning a baseball game. Why this happens every year around this time (before and after the All-star break) boggles my mind, but it is something I have gotten used to as a Sox fan over the years. Though I know they will eventually pull out of this slump and go roaring through August and into September like they have the past few years, I’m still going to express my frustration and the random thoughts that have piled up in my mind over the last few weeks.

I just don’t understand how a team can be so great, and then so bad. Is it because other teams begin to figure certain things out, or is it because we actually have reached our breaking point of the season where innings and games start to add up causing mental and physical fatigue? I mean we have great players, don’t get me wrong, but what has happened to them? I mean have the contract talks really bothered Jay Bay enough to not hit at all in the second half (last homer was on July 7). But now that we’re in the second half, it’s not Bay that worries me as much Kevin Youkilis. His .317 average coming into the month has plummeted to .292, and although that may not seem too bad, I think there is need to worry about Youk, considering his history of second half funks.

But honestly, how can I even blame these two guys when the entire team hasn’t produced this month. From Ellsbury to Drew to Green, it just looks like the Sox are just going through the motions out there. Where has the grind it out sense of urgency to win gone? Have the sub-par teams we have been playing all of a sudden become better? I mean even Toronto, who is hoping to ship off their best player, still took two out of three from us to start the second half? Smoltz is still having issues, our bullpen continues to struggle and the Sox can’t seem to find an answer to their problems. No offense Theo, but I don’t think Adam Laroche and Chris Duncan (currently in AAA Pawtucket) are the answers to jump starting our offense. I love that LaRoche can play first and third and is a second half player, because watching Mikey Lowell try to score from second base the other night in Texas was like watching an old dog try to crawl up onto the couch. It’s sad to say, but I think that hip injury was worse than expected.

Continuing with my random thoughts…Julio Lugo continues to tear things up in his first few games in St. Louis…why does that always seem to happen? We trade a guy who is mediocre, or who has had decent numbers in the past, and then he goes to a different team and it’s like he decided to eat his Wheaties every morning. I just don’t get it.

Also, I’m so sick of this Roy Halladay guy. Well, maybe not the guy himself, just more like all the talk of where he’s going to go and who he’s going for, but still, just end this already. I mean if you’re really going to trade him, then do it soon because if this drags out to till the deadline I might go insane. Theo, if you want to make a deal for this guy, I’m all for it. Just do me a favor and keep in mind that every time we make a blockbuster deal you trade away our shortstops with the most potential in the organization…Sanchez…Ramirez…Diaz…I’m not complaining by any means because it brought us a championship, but if by some chance this trade does happen, all I ask is that you just pause and think about it for a minute. But regardless of what I say, I always stand by you, Theo. In Theo We Trust.

A lot can change in a month, and I’m willing to admit when I’m in the wrong, or acting in the heat of the moment, so here it is: I commented on a fellow blogger’s post, saying that I thought Billy Beane wouldn’t part with Matt Holliday due to losing two draft picks in return. The reality of it is, he did, but what Beane got in return was better than those two draft picks anyways, as well as the fact that the A’s were 16 games out of first in the West and Holliday wouldn’t have made a difference. And as for the comments about Mike Lowell being fine, you got me on that one Catman. If LaRoche can’t act as a fix for Lowell this season, then we have to start looking long term, and if Victor Martinez is it, then so be it. Send him to first and Youk to third and go out and find a catcher. Maybe a new shortstop too? Jack Wilson anyone? I just don’t know if it will all happen that way, but still…In Theo We Trust.

My last random thought comes from a randomly generated action by NESN. Why did you bring in this guy Ramiro to help with the post game show? Are your trying to bring in a different audience at the end of the games or what? I mean if people like baseball, they are going to tune in to watch Extra Innings anyways. Don’t you think? I mean, I got nothing against the guy; I’m just saying, maybe he should just stick to 94.5—I don’t care for rap music either way, but still. Maybe I don’t like him because he said in an article on that he’d trade Papelbon and Buchholz for Halladay. I mean I’m with you because you know how I feel about Papelbon, but let’s be serious Ramiro no major league general manager would even ponder that trade. Those kinds of thoughts only occur in fantasy baseball. I think that rap music may have done something to your head.

I’ll close out my random thoughts with this: Am I concerned for the rest of the season? Yes, I am, and obviously a move of some sorts would at least make the fans happy and maybe stir up the Sox bats. But these guys are professionals, and even if a trade doesn’t happen, we can’t be worried. I’m not ready to give up on them yet; I just can’t, and I won’t, even if I did feel like we had reached our breaking point. Things will pan out for the Sox in the end.



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