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First Half LVP (Least Valuable Player)

Wow, so many candidates. There is the entire Japanese contingent, Dice K Walksuzaka, Hideki Ouchijima and Takashi Psycho. I love Dice K. We all blame his poor showing on The World Baseball Fiasco and I am sure there is some truth in that, as a majority of MLB pitchers who appeared in it have struggles. I watched in pain as an entire stadium of people booed him mercilessly on my one trip to Fenway and his last start before hitting the D.L. There is also Julio "Where is my glove?" Lugo who looked clueless at times. I cant forget my favorite Sox pitcher who calls himself "Sinco Ocho." Not originaly Paps. You can do better than that. At least wait until you don't have to throw 30 pitches just to get a couple of guys out before you come up with something better than that. JD Drew, to me the most boring player on the team. He makes me yawn wehn I watch him. There is also "NO,NO, dont bring him in" Masterson. Poor guy has an ERA higher than the national debt. Papi has looked better as of late and thank God he is thrilling us all again after his slow start. I wouldn't put him in as a candidate for LVP just wanted to mention his .220 batting average.

The winner of the LVP in my opinion goes to Jason Bay's agent. Come on twist his arm, make him sign an extention or new contract. He just became a US citizen. What better place to live than a place so rich in tradition and history. Get off your duff and lock this guy up. Honorable mention goes to the entire Yankee team who continue to suck this century. You came so close a couple of times and then faded away like a Dice K fastball. Well nice to be where we are at by the All Star break, like the past 5 years, IN FIRST PLACE.



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