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Weekly State of the Sox Report June 29,2009

I write this weeks article, pondering what on earth to write about. Complete writers block this week, and like a message from above, I get my article as Mr. Jason Bay makes a fabulous catch to end todays game. Lets talk about Jason Bay!  From the day the trade happened, I was thrilled, loved every part of the trade except giving up Brandon Moss. People thought I was crazy, especially when I got my Jason Bay  T-shirt. To the point where I even had a rock thrown at me from the road as I waited to enter The Cheesecake Factory in Providence, being told "Bay sucks, Go Manny".  How little informed people were when this trade happened. This guy is a perfect fit on this Red Sox organization, a down to earth, quiet, hard working player. The exact opposite of the man he replaces in front of the Green Monster. I could see him beginning to grow on Sox fans with his first walk off double pounded off the Monster, to scoring the game winning run in last years playoffs, but nobody predicted what damage this guy would be doing to opposing pitchers like he has this season thus far. The guy has been an All-Star this season in every sense of the term. And to think, if the season ended today, not many could think of anyone in the AL that would be any better of a candidate for MVP than Jason Bay.  Batting .277, 19 HR 69RBI and 49 Runs all before the all star break....WOW! With a lineup built like this seasons, to single and double teams to death, rather than throw two big bangers out there to clear the bases, this guy couldn't be a more perfect fit for that scenario. Take him out of this lineup, how many fewer games would this team have won thus far, quite a few I am sure. And that is what management needs to be thinking when it comes to offering this guy a contract, if they were throwing such a huge contract at Mark Texiera, than they can offer whatever Jason Bay is asking, because in my opinion, Jason Bay has outperformed the Yanks new signing in every aspect of the game. Lets hope for that contract to come soon. 

In a different light, 48-29 to date, 13 games until the break. If the Sox go 8-5 or better over that stretch, which is very capable with teams such as Seattle , Oakland, and Kansas City coming to town, that will put them at 56-34 or better, not a bad place to be coming into the 2nd half of the season, 22 games over .500 with 6 going on 7 straight series wins,  thats the name of the game, winning the series, and the Sox are doing it very well this season. 

Until next week Sox Fans, enjoy the game and Lets go Sox!


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