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Another Snore-Fest by Daisuke Matsuzzzzzz.....

By Richard Rawson

Doogie Howser M.D. is in awe of me today. Log onto Web MD and get Mass General on the phone. Insomniacs, I have found your long-awaited cure. Forget the sleeping pills, warm milk, or meditation. Simply have a recording of a starting pitching appearance by Daisuke Matsuzaka (Dice-K) at your disposal. Have it ready to go and start watching it when you find yourself struggling to fall asleep. You will not be able to keep yourself awake if you tried. Guaranteed.

On a good day, watching Dice-K take the mound is like watching paint dry. It’s like a trip to the dentist office on a bad day. Never a quick at-bat or easy inning. Never. Attempting to paint the corners of the plate, nibbling at the strike zone. He fails to challenge even the weakest hitters in the league. Driving up pitch counts, filling the bases at every turn. He was able to wiggle out of trouble much of the time last year, not so much this year.

Even his wins are maddening, and not very entertaining to watch. He’s often lucky to last five innings, effectively taxing the bullpen. This is leading the baseball world to come to the conclusion that he may just be the luckiest eighteen game winner in all of baseball.

Earlier in the season, the nightmares the Boston Red Sox had about the World Baseball Classic were realized. After proudly pitching his country to victory in yet another WBC tournament, Matsuzaka was exhausted to start the actual baseball season. He landed on the disabled list to rest his tired shoulder. Which leads us Sox fans, and I’m sure the front office as well, to ask where his priorities lie.

If I’m not mistaken, the Red Sox are signing his paychecks. To American fans, the World Baseball Classic is little more than a silly exhibition. It’s obvious that Dice-K takes great pride in pitching for his country in this tournament. However, if he enjoys pitching for Japan so much, why didn’t he stay there? Some Sox fans are now wishing he did stay.

For what it’s worth, if I was a Japanese-born baseball fan, Dice K is the guy I would want on the mound for my country in the World Baseball Classic. But as a Sox fan, I’d rather watch any of our other starters…..unless I was trying to fall asleep.


  1. Get off the guys back! Yes he takes great pride in pitching japan to wbc titles, i personally wish more american born players had that type of pride in their country! Also he is used to throwing 140 pitches a game, thats why he's not afraid to try and make guys chase bad pitches..okie does the same thing. Just because he's not a spoiled american pitcher who only cares about money doesnt make him a bad other words sorry he's not jd drew!

  2. Hey Anonymous! Post your name Coward! Rawson is the best writer on this blog! He tells it like it is! What are you a relative or just a coward?
    Rawson is the best writer on this log! He speaks the TRUTH! Anonymous grow a set of ..... you know what! Say your name Chicken! Your spelling tells me...relative or uneducated fool!

  3. Send him to Pawtucket!!!