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Sox are short up the middle.

by Chris Allen

How long can the Red Sox go this season before they upgrade the shortstop position? After Nick Green's error in the ninth inning led to the winning run in Sundays game, I asked myself this question while cursing at the television. It is true that Green has been good with the bat this year, hitting .289 with 13 RBI, he has made 8 errors in 23 games. It remind me of the old day, before 2004, when the defense was pretty bad at every position. Nomar had pretty good range but never had a decent first basemen to throw to. When Jose Offerman patrolled the infield I always held my breath when the ball approached him. What was going to happen this time? Was the ball going to bounce up and hit him the chops or was it going to clang off his glove into the outfield? I have that same sinking feeling when a ball is hit to the shortstop this year. Of course it is not just Green - Lugo is a horrible defender as well. Lugo has only played in 13 games this year at shortstop but has made 3 errors. The Red Sox as a team have made 26 errors and 11 of them have been made at the shortstop position. It is my personal belief that the Red Sox are going to need to acquire a better shortstop this season. Some may argue that Jed Lowrie is the answer. Well, maybe he is if he comes back healthy from surgery. I am not content to wait and see if Jed Lowrie is the answer. Here are a few shortstops on my wish list. I am not including players who I feel it would be almost impossible to get (Hanley Ramirez, Michael Young, etc.):

1.) Cristian Guzman. Right now he is on a terrible Nationals team. 3 errros in 24 games while hitting .372.

2.) Clint Barmes. Colorado's super sub would be a good fit on the Red Sox. Barmes has a .967 career fielding percentage at shortstop and had played over 250 games at the position. He usually hits around .250 with 10 homeruns.

3.)Jhonny Peralta. Cleveland is struggling pretty bad this year and Peralta is playing a lot of third even though he is a very capable shortstop. He has 3 errors in 28 games this year but it seems that Asdrubal Cabrera will be getting most of the time at short for now. Peralta can swing the bat, hitting more than 20 homeruns in 3 of his sevens seasons.

Peralta would be my pick. Will any of these players be wearing the Red Sox uniform this year or will the team try to tough it out and hope that Lowrie comes back ready to contribute?


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