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Shipping Off To Boston

I have been a Sox fan for a long time. I started following the team when I was a
teenage during the Impossible Dream. I thought, back in the day, that Rico Petrocelli's name was so cool, still think it is in the top three baseball names of all time along with Coco Crisp . Growing up in the Rockies, there was no team and I loved baseball so I chose to suffer along with all the other Sox fans for all those years then 2004 came along and then 2007. It was strange being a Sox fan wearing my Sox apparrel in Rockies country but it was sweet. The championship in 2007 to me seem more legitimate, they werent a wild card, didnt come back from a 3 game deficit and no one was thinking anymore of how the Sox were going to find a bizzare way to blow it.

I have never seen the Red Sox in person. I missed the Sox when they came to Coors Field the times they did interleague play due to some unforseen circumstances so I dreamt one day to actually ship off to Boston to see them play in Fenway. Well this year I decided what the heck I am going to do it. I decided to surprise my son and announced in January I was going to take him to a baseball game this year. We missed out going to see his team the Braves so naturally he thought I was talking about the Rox. Well when I told him we were going on Fathers day to Fenway, he about fell over. He also likes the Sox and says he will be wearing his Sox stuff. He is an adult and I wish I had taken him earlier in his life so he could have fallen in love with the Sox but oh well they are his second team so who knows. I am doing one of those Red Sox Destination packages which includes 3 games, hotel, tour of Fenway, luncheon with one of the players, two jerseys, etc.

I always dreamt of Fenway so this is my dream come true it was always #1 on my Bucket List. Any comments on what to be sure and see would be much appreciated. Have enjoyed a lot of your columns in the past few months, maybe I will run into a couple of you. We have an agenda which includes 5 days in Beantown.

Maybe we will be in first place by 5 games by then. We could get a good start this week with a 3 game home stand against the Blue Jays. Hopefully Youk will be back and Papi will take full advantage of being benched and Lester will find his form and blah blah blah. Home cooking is much sweeter anyway, everyone loves a home cook meal and I got the feeling this week we will see the balls flying out of the park.



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