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Maybe it's me?

Am I the only one who thinks Jonathan Papelbon has quickly turned into a legend in his own mind. Listening to him on SportsNet’s Sports Tonight is like dragging your fingernails down a chalkboard. I could tolerate it a couple of years ago. He had that fresh young "happy to be here" innocent demeanor, amiable and refreshing. Mike Felger and Gary Tanguay must cringe (or laugh) listening to him showcase his lack of command of Modern English. Give him a teleprompter. I think he suffers from Obamatism. While we're at it, please tell him he’s not b.s.-ing his drinking buddies. Most of us little people actually understand the game and what’s going on.

Well, while I have my Papelbon voodoo doll out... who made him Public Relations manager? The 'Hosers' might not have liked the idea of mingling with the minions prior to the start of game one but to say it could be dangerous? What? Gonna pull another hammy? Get mustard on the new uni? Worried about $150 ticket-holders, stuffed in their buck and a quarter "authenic" Red Sox game shirt, drooling on you for a discounted high-five? Maybe next year’s renovation should be a moat to keep the riffraff off (or on?) the playing field.

Pap also showed a lot of class calling for the PR girl to be exiled to Providence for the idea. Maybe he should just worry about getting us the three outs without loading the bases. After all, isn't that what he’s over-paid for?

Those "die-hard" (bandwagon) Sox fans convincing themselves that its best Manny’s gone amuse me. Rants of "Good for clubhouse!" " Stopped hustling!" "Fakes injuries!" "Addition by subtraction!" Yah, right. Beautiful people, loosen up the green and pink caps, please. Let’s start and end the argument with a game seven loss, 3-1. Think we coulda used Manny? Many had issues, no doubt but recognize him for his contributions. He was the second best all-time Red Sox hitter after Ted Williams. Watching a different channel on TV during a Sox game? Admit it, there’s only one player you always clicked back to see hit.

I would have liked the Sox chances this year with him. Without him, ought nine will end the first week in October.

1 comment:

  1. Please give some examples of what was said in the interview. Your writing makes little sense to anyone who didn't hear the radio show. Why does he suffer from "Obamatism" and which definition are you referring to? Is he "optimistic without basis" or "leaning towards socialism"? How would he show the latter? Stick to sports and show some examples, and I think this would be better.