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Let's Get Ready to Rumble Part 1

Wow what a week. To think I was moaning and groaning a week ago. Seven in a row helps in the standings. I am so looking forward to this weekend. Of course living out here in Colorado the focus will be on who the Broncos are going to draft HOWEVER, at my favorite watering hole several Sox and Yankees fans will be gathering to watch Rumble part one.

The rivalry here is obviously not as intense as back east. Here it is friendly bantering back and forth with a few unpleasantries hurled once in awhile, but all in good fun. I probably will be sitting with a couple of Yankee fans listening to their crap about all there champinships and Mantle and Berra and Dimaggio and Jackson and Munson and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. My friend Adam is an intellegent Yankee fan who has a healthy respect for the game of baseball. And is nice so it is way different than back east. No fights, arrests, gunshots stuff like that. Kind of nice to go to a place that has both species wearing their gear to enjoy a brew and jeer and cheer. Phil the bartender is a Yankee fan I lost 20 bucks to him when the Giants beat the Pats he always gives me crap about the Sox but put the Sox pennant I bought for the bar in a prominant place I bought him a Yankee pennant that he keeps out of sight to everyone but his viewpoint which is okay with me. Johnny the guy from Boston will be there drunk as usual and louder than hell. He is annoying. Then there is quiet Joe always has his Sox hat on never talks to anyone. They call him Angry Joe. I am sure this is not all that interesting to you but out here it is always nice to see a fellow Sox fan where we are not as plentiful. There is Bobby who has two giant socks painted on each ankle now that is unique weird but unique. Then there is John who has about 10 sox jerseys isnt sure which one he will be wearing . Anyway that is a little slice of Soxdom Colorado style. We will be with you this weekend Nation Members wishing we were at the Fens.

Both teams are on a nice roll right now so it should make for an interesting weekend. Cupcake is going to an opera Friday and Saturday doing yard work and Sunday night she might actually watch a game with me. I bought her a Sox hat which she might wear. Trying to endoctrinate her it is a slow process. Anyway Go Sox My prediction: Lots of runs



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