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A Closer Look at the Players Following Two Sweeps

By: Thomas Casey
April 27, 2009

Sunday night’s steal at home by Jacoby Ellsbury was a great way to wrap up the series with the Yankees, as Boston stole all three games from New York at Fenway. This sweep marks the second in a row, and an awakening of the slumbering giant that is the Red Sox offense.

Thanks to ESPN for the video clip.

I spoke about this earlier in the year when I mentioned the question mark above Mike Lowell entering the season. Lowell was rightfully mad as Boston ownership went shopping for Mark Texiera who would force Kevin Youkilis over to third leaving Lowell with no position on the diamond.

With David Ortiz cemented in the DH position (who knows about this as of yet, his power has been abysmal this year and he is living off of wall doubles), Lowell was rightfully angry entering the season when the Red Sox missed the mark on signing Texiera (pun not intended).

Mike Lowell is currently hitting .324 with 4 home runs and a league leading 22 RBI’s (not to mention the league average being 6.5 RBI’s at his position) and is proving to Red Sox management they did not make a mistake by missing out on the Texiera deal.

Pitching has been a roller coaster ride this season, but looking at the depth Boston has I believe it will be ironed out relatively soon. Josh Beckett already has 2 wins despite a 6.00 era, proving further how far the Red Sox offense has come with run support. The big question entering the season was whether Wakefield still had it in him, and I think he has quelled all concerns regarding that issue thus far.

The most interesting facet of Boston’s pitching this year has been the coming out party for the young guns, and unproven players. We all knew Masterson had electric stuff, but now he’s throwing like a pitcher instead of like Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh at the beginning of Bull Durham. Above this, the 2009 introduction of Michael Bowden who came into the game to deliver 2 lights out innings, posting 2 strike outs and no earned runs was a great thing to see.

The bullpen for the Red Sox cannot be underestimated this year; it has been posting some amazing numbers. Starting with Manny Delcarmen and Ramon Ramirez, I cannot say enough about these two pitchers. It seems as though they are perpetually ready to get the Sox through 2-3 innings a piece, every time they step onto the mound. Anchored by Jonathan Papelbon, the Red Sox bullpen seems to be in very good shape at this point in the season.

The 9 straight wins the Red Sox have posted over the past week or so have been some of the most entertaining ball games I have ever witnessed. From the clutch plays Jason Bay made, the walk-off homerun by Youkilis and finally the steal at home by Jacoby Ellsbury; we can all just relish in the fact that it’s still April, and there’s plenty more where that came from.


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