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Thoughts on the WBC

Thoughts on the WBC
Paul Chick

The Classic opened on a Thursday morning at 4:30 EDT in Tokyo. Gee forgot to set my alarm for that one. On the other hand the Sox opened there last year at the same hour and we had the coffee brewing and the “I’m not going to be in today” sick voice ready for the boss.

How ‘bout one location for the entire event? Make it a real coup for the host city and help fans follow the event. Imagine the WBC in Boston. Scrap the All-Star game, extend the break another week and play it at Fenway Park.

The Venezuelan verbal abuse…Magglio Ordonez was booed each time he came to the plate for his support of Venezuelan President Hugo Ch├ívez. Imagine Fenway liberals giving it to Bush supporter Curt Schilling when he stepped on the mound.

Hey I’m an American but when Jeter steps in against Dice K…time out! Root for Jeter? He is wearing the USA on the front of the jersey. Just can’t do it! But I can’t root for the Japanese either. See the problem?

Scattered Sox…no problem while Pedroia and Youk were wearing the red, white and blue. Can I root against Canada with Jason Bay? The Dominicans with Papi? I’m not a fantasy guy but this is what it must be like.

I thought the mercy rule was for slow pitch and Little League. How humiliating for the US to lose in this fashion to the Puerto Ricans with the immortal Matt Thornton giving up the final 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning. OK I know coming back from 10 runs down wasn’t going to happen but let’s play the full nine.

Bud Selig and his cronies want us to take this seriously and then Jon Miller announces, “If he throws more than 6 pitches to this batter Roy Oswalt will have reached his pitch count”. Since Oswalt is still in spring training mode this makes sense but once again I feel like I’m watching the Little League World Series. I hope he doesn’t cry when Davey Johnson comes to take him out.

Eleven more days til Opening Day!


  1. A very insightful and humorous read on the strange event being foisted upon us by the powers that be. I can remember when spring training was enough excitement in and of itself. Can you say overkill? Mr. Chick said it quite nicely, indeed.

    I think REDSOXMIX has hatched a fine new voice with the addition of Mr. Chick.

    The Burn-Eye

  2. I'd rather eat sushi, drink a big plastic cup of sake, and wear a Japanese flag on my head than root for Jeter. F that guy!

    I agree Chick. The WBC is confusing for all of us.