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Some Red Sox worth keeping in fantasy leagues:

I am a big fan of Fantasy Baseball. I have been playing in various
leagues for many years and it has given me a greater awareness of
baseball in general. When I watch the Red Sox I usually know all the
players on the opposing teams rosters. I know that Carlos Gomez is a
serious stolen base threat and that J. J. Putz is no longer a closer but
a set-up man. Of course it's impossible in Fantasy Baseball to quantify
the value of someone like Jason Varitek or Alex Cora; the only way to
realize that is to watch them play the real game.
On draft day, there are two problems a Red Sox fan has to work around.
1) You do not want to be a Homer and draft all the Red Sox players and
2) You want to draft as few Yankee players as possible because it makes
you feel dirty. Now while I do not want to be Homer I am not going to
pass on a certain Sox player if he should be available. I watch and/or
listen to every game so I know which players are good for the fantasy
draft. One of the leagues I play in is a Keeper league which means you
carry some of your same players over from year to year. Often times in
Keeper leagues you draft younger players that you believe will be good
for a long time. The Red Sox are blessed with young talent, much of it
already in the majors. While we have to wait to see if Lars Anderson or
Daniel Bard are going to make it as major leaguers there are several Sox
who are worth drafting in Keeper leagues.

Jon Lester: Lester is well on his way to be a dominant pitcher. I was
luke-warm on Lester when he first came up because of his lack of
control. But since he has added weight and started throwing more strikes
he has become a very reliable pitcher. His WHIP has gone down every year
although he pitched in only 12 games in 07 because of his battle with
cancer. I expect him to be a twenty game winner several times in the
next few years.

Kevin Youkilis: Youks is one of my keepers and I play him at third base.
The hot corner is weak in talent right now and with a flood of first
basemen Youks is agreat option at third. His homeruns, RBI and batting
average go up every year. The only catagory he will not help you in is
stolen bases but he does everything else well.

Jacoby Ellsbury: Ellsbury was third in the majors with 50 thefts and
that was without stealing a bag in all of June. He will score a ton of
runs if he can stick at the top of this Red Sox lineup.

Dustin Pedrioa: Where would we be without or MVP? Pedroia does a little
bit of everything: SB, RBI, HR and he will hit a ton of doubles, many of
them knocking Ellsbury in to score.
These young players are worth holding onto if you play in keeper leagues.

Chris Allen


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