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Secret Society Of Sox Fans

Unlike living in the New England states, where I am sure everyone owns at least two Red Sox hats, here in the Rocky Mountains everyone wears their Bronco and Rockies gear proudly. There are unfortunately too many people wearing Yankee apparel, those that are gang members and those than are true fans of the Yank-Me's. There does exist, what Cupcake calls the Secret Society of Red Sox Fans. Picture this: She and I are out shopping somewhere and all of a sudden I disappear, soon she spots me in the next aisle and there I have made a new friend, another person wearing that Blue Cap with the Red S on it.
Cupcake says anytime there are two Sox fans we have an immediate connection. She says it is like a fratenity. We can talk for hours, if given the opportunity, about what is going to happen this year. She laughs at the way we carry on about our team. Here are a couple of examples of things that happen on a semi regular basis.
Last summer we were at a Blues Festival. I was wearing my red Red Sox jersey and my red Red sox hat. I wanted a beer to cut the heat with and i returned with two beers and told her they were "on the house". It seems the beer vendor was a Sox fan too. Needless to say I had free beer all day long. Just a perk for being in the Secret Society. I have gotten free appetizers as well from a fellow "Nation" member, as well as my share of free drinks.
The rivalry between Yank-Me and Red Sox fans out here is much different. It is a friendly ribbing out here. There is Joe the Yank-Me fan who lets me in the door at work we exchange friendly "Sox Suck" and "Yankee's Bite" jabs back and forth but we can sit and talk about our mutual love with admiration. There is Adam the dude at the local pub who is ALWAYS wearing his Yank-Me apparrel. He has as many jerseys as I do. We usually sit and have a brew together and salivate over the upcoming season. There is Phil the bartender. I bought him a Yank-Me pennant and he displays the Red Sox pennant in a more prominent place out of respect. He is Yankee crazy like the rest but it is all in good fun out here. Nothing like back east.
There is however a growing number of Secret Society members like Joe and Norrin and Jim who always wear their Sox hats. Cupcake says "Man you guys are everywhere." SO here in the great Rocky Mountains know that Red Sox Nation exists in large quantiities and we are Loud and we are Proud. It seems secret compared to the Yankee and Rockies stuff but I can spot a loyal fan from a thousand yards away.



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