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Billboards Top of the Charts Baseball Anthems

By Todd M. Civin

I suspect I'm not a whole lot different than you are in many ways.

When 'Old Time Rock And Roll' blasts from the radio, I grab my wife's hair brush and slide across the hardwood floor wearing nothing but a white Hathaway button down and a pair of Fruit of the Looms.

And when Free Bird screams from 93.7, while doing 65 down 495, I use the steering wheel as the lead guitar and belt out, "Cuz I'm as Free as A Bird now, How bout you? And this bird will never change...nnnnooonooooonoooo (tough to spell that winding guitar sound.)

And even, when Madonna tells me to strike a pose, I do that thing where I frame my face and "get down to it."

But, nothing gets me as primed and ready for baseball as hearing the first few notes of Fogerty's Centerfield..So put me in coach...I'm ready to play today. There are those songs that aren't simply baseball songs, but the anthems that have become synonymous with the ball park, the sport, our teams.

I'm not enough of a baseball aficionado to profess I know what they play in Pittsburgh or Milwaukee, I know Fenway, Yankee Stadium and a handful of others. Tunes that get me amped, stoked, pumped for the season to begin. These are the tunes that cause me to drool like Pavlov's Pooch each time I hear them. I know that the season is about to get underway and "Playball" is about to be echoed through ball parks everywhere.

The smell of the grass, the crack of the bat and the Drop Kick Murphy's are a sensory combination that I challenge anyone to top.

So with no further delay...Unroll your car windows, rev her up to 75, crank em loud...Singing and dashboard acoustics are mandatory, regardless of who is watching.

And don't just read em....We're interactive..Click on the links and PLAY EM LOUD!

17. Original Take Me Out To The Ballgame-Written in 1908 by Edward Meeker. Had this version stuck around we would more than likely be seeing the Drop Kick Murphy's during the 7th Inning stretch. However, this was the Pre-cursor to Harry Carey and that ain't bad.

16 TIE. The Official Yankee Theme-Y-A-N-K-E-E-S..Written in 1969 after the Meet The Mets Song aired, this song has stood the test of time. Aired four years after the Beatles played Shea but has a classic 1930's sound. Meet The Mets-The song first appeared in 1962 when National League ball returned to New York.It was written in 1961 by Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz and modernized in 1984. I can still picture my fraternity brother Brad in his Oscar Madison bath robe and Met's hat singing this on our porch in Syracuse.

15. The Un-Official Yankee Theme-Only a Yankee Fan would deem this the official Yankee Theme, perhaps unaware that this is played in every ball park and sporting venue this side of East LA. Doesn't lessen the greatness of the song, simply journalistic commentary.

14. New York, New York-The Chairman needs no introduction so, put your arm around the guy next to you, spill some suds on your t-shirt and belt it out long and loud. "I'm Leavin Today.....To this Red Sox fan, this is the second best thing about Yankee Stadium. The first? See number 5 below.

13. Swing-Trace Adkins-I don't know if you can refer to this as Anthem-esque, but it sure rides nice down Interstate 49. One hand on the wheel and two on the air guitar.

12. Talkin Baseball-I think Terry Cashman has done one of these for each of the MLB teams. How can you do one in Colorado for example. Seems like this song and history go hand in hand. ? We're Talkin Baseball...of Hampton and Walker???? Works better with the Tigers..The Motor City Team!!
11. Baseball Song-Kenny Rogers-Yes, I'm crying! It doesn't rock like some of these, but is a must on my all time hardball hymns.

10. Take Me Out to the Ballgame-The Harry Caray Version-The only person who should be buying Peanuts and Cracker Jacks is Harry. Not Ozzie, not Eddie Vedder and, certainly not, Tanya Harding or Danika Patrick.

9. Whiskey Falls, Load the Bases-Before, during and after every game pitched by Glavine, Avery, Smotlz and Maddux constitutes southern rock greatness.

8. Cheap Seats-Alabama-A bit more Southern Rock...This rivals John Fogerty and Centerfield as the Anthem of Opening Day.

7. God Bless America-No One Sings Like Kate, except Ronan. No one sings like Ronan, except.... No one sings like Ronan!

6. Glory Days-The Boss-He could throw that speed ball by you...Make you look like a fool...Does it get any better than Bruce and The Big Man on sax.

5. Dropkick Murphy's Tessie-I know, only in Boston and no, I didn't like it at first either. But it's grown on me. Can anything the Murphy's do be bad? Especially, after they spent St Patrick's Day with me.

4. Shipping up to Boston-Dropkick's Again. Seeing Papelbon in those shorts elevated this to Instant Classic status.

3. Centerfield-John Fogerty-This anthem is a man amongst boys on the B-ball Music Charts. There is everyone and there's Jordan. There is everyone and there's Lance Armstrong. There is every song and then there is Fogerty.

2. And I love that Dirty Water....I know it's a Boston hymn but it has to be part of the top 20...And besides...this is partially MY baseball experience.

1. Sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond-The Fenway Version...Oh, Oh, Oh...Good times never seemed so good..So Good!!!

But, officer....I was only doing 65...But, officer....Yes, officer...

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