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2009 Red Sox Predictions

I call this wishful thinking but here is my attempt at how the players will fare this season starters only:
Varitek: Has something to proove. No real offers from other teams and bad advice from Bore-Ass turning down arbitration, means Tek will have to proove he is not as dumb as all the Nation Fans think and will work hard to improve his .220 BA and bring it up to a respectable .240.

Youk: Will continue to mystify even himself with prodigious shots, spectacular plays and will hustle harder than almost anyone. I dont see too much improvement in his stats and he will be about the same level as he was last year
Will top over 30 home runs .320 BA

Pedroia: Will lead the league in walks no one wants to be the guy who gives up a dinger to this little shrimp so they will walk him alot and he will score , score and score some more .330 BA 22 home runs

SS Battle Winner goes to Jed Lowrie. Will not make you forget about Nomah but will make steady plays .260 BA maybe 6 home runs

Lowell: Will lead the league in painful grimaces as well as eerie staredowns of pitchers. .260 BA 15-18 home runs

Bay: Will actually develop some emotion and give a hand gesture or two after hitting a home run this season. 25-30 home runs .320 BA

Ellsbury: Johnny Pesky will say at least 20 times this season that Ellsbury will have done the greatest single play he has seen in all of his years in baseball beacuse Jacoby will continue to amaze us all with his defense, enthusiasm and
will to win. ..320 16 home runs

Drew: Will play more than last year .280 BA and 20 home runs and still not get alot of respect. Secretly afraid of Rocco's presence as a potential starter so he will do whatever it takes to keep healthy.

Ortiz: Gotta Love this guy always smiling, great attitude .290 BA 36 homers
Now here is a guy not juiced up gotta love that . Will pick up any small team-mates, which is how he stays in shape.

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  1. YOu can post your preseason predictions on They'll compile the results for you. YOu can even setup a head to head competition.

    Here are my red sox predictions: