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The Captain

Today is the deadline for Jason Varitek to accept the Red Sox’s five million one-year contract offer. At 36 years old, Varitek has few other offers to go to other teams, as the Red Sox, simply by making the offer they did, show that their catcher and captain is important enough to want back for the 09 season, even though the Manny Ramirez debacle and his own personal life struggles of divorce, made his 08 season less than stellar for the three time all star, and gold glove winner (05).

What would both parties do if Varitek decides to not accept the offer? The Sox would be without the team captain, and the best catcher since Carlton Fisk, (every Boston fan I know hates to see Fisk’s face on the left field wall of the U.S. Cellular field in Chicago.) and Varitek would most likely not get the offer that the Sox are putting out there for him.

Would he retire?
Would he try to coach?

Only Jason Varitek can answer these questions

Varitek has been captain since the beginning of the 2005 season, and there is a reason he wears that C just above his heart. He has what everyone in that clubhouse looks to: Leadership. There was no question or hesitation when the players were asked if they wanted a captain and who that captain would be.

Varitek may have had an abysmal year for stats last year, but as the news of Ramirez’s antics, and the personal life issues Jason was having came to light, you could see that there might have been a reason for the slump.

I do hope the two decide to give it one more year, as Varitek’s leadership is exactly what gets the team back into the playoffs, and quite possibly back to the World Series again.

Brian Clee


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